Covid-19 impact on call center market
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Covid-19 impact on call center market

What became clear during the Covid pandemic is how classic parameters with which we relate to everyday life have been totally transformed and revolutionised. Especially from a working point of view, this impact became more evident as the months passed and the existing interaction forms were no longer suitable to meet companies, businesses and small businesses needs.
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The evolution of call centers during COVID-19

The Call Center area has seen, more than others perhaps, a radical change in the approach to work: the habit of workers involved, and, at the same time,the kind of demand from users and, consequently, from the customers with whom it must interface.

  • Working in a call center during a pandemic

It seemed inconceivable, until recently, to think of permanently working remotely for call center employees. Estimates, according to Genesys , stood at around 13% globally.
Today this number has risen enormously, and Italy too has found itself facing this challenge. In a recent report ContactBabel , the leading research and analysis company in the world of contact centers, has analyzed this change regarding USA, and has emerged a clear need for a change of pace for all the players involved in the customer experience market, in an attempt to maintaining high standards in quality of handling requests, but at the same time ensuring the safety of its employees , who are particularly at risk due to the type of activity carried out.

COVID-19 is probably definitively redesigning the approach we all have with the everyday life needs, orienting us more and more towards a digitalization coordinated by human interconnection.

Smart working and remote work

Private companies and public organizations have found themselves, in a very short time, to face new requests , often dictated by anxiety on the part of users to understand, the need to have correct information and the impossibility of using the more familiar and usual physical channels .
Therefore, structuring adequate call center and customer service response had become the primary imperative, but not everyone had the opportunity to do so. This is where historical companies in the contact center market came into play, which were able to meet requests due also to a timely will to protect employees, as well as their business.

By immediately adopting methods like smart working and remote working , companies such as INGO, and specifically the BPO Provider Phonetica , have created new possibilities and searched for new solutions to keep their services active and a coherent and continuous perception in delivery. of the required activities.

Smart working and remote work

Digitization as the key to the future

Being able to improve one’s services, introduce digital innovations , maintain an omnichannel approach and at the same time remain faithful to one’s own company levels and standards obviously required great technical and training efforts.

In this, technology has been an extremely valuable tool, to manage remote infrastructures through which allow employees to work from home or to analyze data flow, in order to correct, if necessary, the reaction processes to requests.

The digitization of many of the procedures was of fundamental importance, introducing new communication channels or implementing specific software. AI and knowledge management have proven to be indispensable allies in daily management of all this.

  • The omnichannel and digital approach to the call center

Is using technology as a resource at the service of human beings the solution? The future of contact centres will certainly be increasingly hybrid in nature, with chatbots, AI and machine learning supporting immediate tasks, keeping track of data and workflows, while operators will be able to focus more on solving increasingly complex and specific requests.

What Covid is teaching us is that the human approach remains essential , but requires increasingly precise and dedicated tools with which to satisfy user requests in the best possible way.

Phonetica and the omnichannel approach to the contact center

Thanks to the technologies it uses, Phonetica has embarked on a digital transformation in which the classic inbound and outbound call centres are flanked by multi-channel and omnichannel methods, exploiting Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Knwoledge Management to take care of the relationships of the customers who rely on its BPO service.

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