INGO A CXNow, the reference event for customer and service experience
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INGO A CXNow, the reference event for customer and service experience

Luana Beni and Dario Panzeri will speak at CXNow, the Italian reference event for what concerns the customer experience, the employee experience and the service experience. INGO professionals will speak on May 24 in Milan: the Italian sales director will focus on the hybrid contact center, an essential tool to offer consumers an optimal customer experience; the automation engineer will talk about how to manage a customer service thanks to advanced IVR solutions.
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Ingo to CXNow: with Luana Beni and Dario Panzeri

INGO is sponsor of Customer eXperience Now and will intervene during the event scheduled for Tuesday 24 May at Le Village by CA in Milan. The event, now in its seventh edition, is designed to provide an overview of the latest technological innovations and to promote a comparison that helps to develop a culture of customer experience within companies.

Among the figures selected to testify their vision in this context, there are professionals of our company: Luana Beni (sales director Italy) and Dario Panzeri (automation engineer). The plenary sessions and small round tables were designed to involve the End-User Community of the Italian Customer / Employee eXperience and facilitate their meeting with potential partners.

What is Customer eXperience Now?

Customer eXperience Now, also known by the acronym CXNow, is the Italian reference event for the costumer experience, employee experience and service experience. For seven years, the most engaging customer experience experiences have been presented through the testimonies of industry experts, technological insights and major players, the latest technological trends are exposed and new business models are communicated. A day that projects towards the future, with the idea of giving life to a continuous exchange of ideas between the participants.

Among the analyzes and the most important appointments in the appointment of next May 24th, two themes will stand out, which often travel in parallel and which are essential for each other’s development. This is the technology and governance in customer experience processes. The claim of the event is “Time for human experience ”, further demonstrating how at the center of this day there is the attention to issues concerning the response to the needs and questions of people during the purchasing processes and in working activities.

Ingo's speeches at CXNow

Luana Beni, INGO’s sales director for Italy, will intervene in the first part of the day. The theme of the plenary session, which will begin at 10.30, is “Service Experience, Customer Experience & Call Center“. Under the moderation of Katya Dreon del Bus (XM / DMBA Mgr, Moderator & Content Creator of Innovabilify) we will talk about hybrid contact center, an essential tool to offer consumers an optimal customer experience and at the same time reduce management costs.

Dario Panzeri, INGO automation engineer, will make his speech during a working table scheduled from 12.45. We will focus on how manage a customer service thanks to advanced IVR solutions. A case study will be presented and a solution will be presented to best meet the needs of customers, providing their experience in the field and with the possibility of asking questions, thus triggering an extremely productive and comprehensive dialogue.

Ingo's speeches at CXNow

The dialogues of CXNow: what will be discussed during the event

During the day we will focus on issues related to CX, EX, SX. For example we will talk about experience management strategy, or strategies to combine technology and human ingenuity, creating extraordinary experiences. It will be about customer experience and employee experience governance , focusing on how to enhance the change and transformation of CX and EX, given that they are no longer just sales and communication.

Service experience, customer service and call center they are increasingly linked to each other. At CXNow, we will focus on trends influencing how customers interact with businesses and the tools to use to support the first line of contact in the best possible way. Also focus on conversational AI / AR and machine learning , or how to understand people’s needs through new technological solutions, to work in an increasingly dynamic and innovative world.

Where and when will CXNow take place?

Customer eXperience Now will be staged on Tuesday 24 May, at Le Village by CA in Milan (Corso di Porta Romana, 61). The day will begin at 09.00 with a welcome coffee and will end at 17.30 with the last working tables.


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