INGO and Xenialab: an integration to innovate the future of customer operations
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INGO and Xenialab: an integration to innovate the future of customer operations

INGO acquires Xenialab to enhance its skills and strengthen its international positioning
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INGO , an Italian company that works in the development of solutions aimed at guaranteeing a fluid and efficient customer relation, announces the acquisition of Xenialab, an Italian company based in Turin, which has developed one of the best performing omnichannel platforms usable through cloud and on-premises services, distributed all over the world through certified partners. The company also deals with the outsourced management of Oracle systems and offers consultancy in the field of Big Data, distributed architectures and open source DB solutions.

Thanks to the integration of these technologies in its portfolio, INGO strengthens its offer in the market by guaranteeing one of the most complete solutions in the field of Customer Care and Customer Relation.

Characterized by a strong innovative spirit and a focus dedicated to the customer, for twenty years INGO has supported companies in creating solid relationships with their customers through an organized, agile and flexible customer experience, offering consultancy, optimization, technologies and cross-channel services. with a view to digital transformation.

The acquisition will allow INGO to enhance its strategic and technological positioning, enriching the offer of solutions and services for customers and partners in Italy and abroad, with an approach that converges business processes with artificial intelligence technologies, robotics, video-relationship and business automation.

The spearhead of Xenialab is the XCALLY Motion software platform , an innovative omnichannel solution based on Asterisk TM that provides one of the best multi-channel user experiences for voice, chat, e-mail, video, sms, social network and WhatsApp for business. Thanks to the simplicity of installation and use and the use of sophisticated APIs, XCALLY Motion is positioned among the world’s leading omnichannel platforms (source: Sofware Advice and GetApp ) and boasts a high global presence with customer care active in over 50 countries.

“We are very proud to be able to count on the professionalism and experience of the Xenialab team from today” underlines Marco Durante, CEO of INGO . “Our commitment has always been focused on scouting and investments in Research & Development activities and on technologies that allow us to offer customers greater value through new flexible services and increasingly efficient solutions that guarantee supervision of the entire Customer Operations chain. , and the entry of Xenialab goes precisely in this direction ”.

The integration of the two companies already allows INGO to consolidate itself as a technology Vendor and to enrich its portfolio with new functionalities, making a significant step forward in the internationalization process with the aim of seizing new business opportunities in Italy and the rest of the world. ‘abroad.

“This acquisition is an important recognition of our commitment to develop high-performance technologies that respond to customer needs in a timely manner, to help them address all emerging challenges in these years of profound transition,” said Diego Gosmar, CEO of Xenialab . “Together, we will be able to offer multi-channel services and solutions for a 360 ° customer experience. We are also particularly satisfied with this operation, because it was immediately proposed to all the shareholders of Xenialab to be part of the group’s Top Management, and this will mean a guarantee of continuity for customers and partners, as well as the possibility of further growing on the various reference markets “.

“The two companies have been collaborating together for a year and have already achieved a good degree of integration in these first months of 2020. The consolidation of the new operational asset, the R&D in AI and Robotics, the integration between XCALLY Motion and INGO solutions together to the expansion of our ecosystem of partners, they will lead to a solid and constant growth year on year ”concludes Marco Durante.

INGO has over 450 customers in Italy, of which almost 150 abroad, active in numerous sectors, including automotive, healthcare, utilities, finance and insurance.