Integrated customer experience between human and machine: how artificial intelligence is changing contact centers
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Integrated customer experience between human and machine: how artificial intelligence is changing contact centers

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How artificial intelligence has changed customer care

Paolo Annoni, Head of Digital Marketing at INGO.
, spoke at “The Fridays of CMMC,” an event during which the topic of “The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence” was addressed.

AI is impacting the present and will change the future of customer care

. Indeed, generative artificial intelligence makes it possible to handle requests at any time of day and respond efficiently to peaks in interactions by automatically shunting requests to second-level human management and predicting customer needs through structured data analysis.

The need to ensure a level of customer service will always be present, but the means by which it is offered will change. In 2019, 80 percent of omnichannel interactions came via phone, only 10% via email, 5% via chat, and 5% between messaging and social. Currently, the use of chatbots has grown by 30 percent, e-mail by 20%, social by 25%, and messaging by 10%, while calls dropped by 20%.

is a solution provider using the proprietary technology
XCALLY (omnichannel software)
and has more than 20 years of experience in the contact center world for more than 20 years. This integration has evolved our services; the help and support of artificial intelligence will enable faster and faster responses and efficient services.

What are the differences between a human contact center and one run by artificial intelligence?

An operator interacting with a customer will show a
, a uniqueness of human character that can be decisive in these kinds of interactions. At the same time. human can best understand the context of a dialogue and provide flexible responses that are unique in their type, partly because the agent possesses a personal and responsible critical sense. Creativity and purposefulness are two other typical human qualities that always play a major role in customer service.

On the other hand.
a customer care managed by artificial intelligence allows companies to be able to deliver customer service in multilingual mode around the clock
and 7 days a week, offering good quality at low cost and reducing training and recruitment expenses. The AI-based contact center is scalable and therefore allows for better management of traffic volumes and peaks that can be expected based on seasonality. Other advantages include the possibility of Ensure a quality standard and to work by defined procedures, since the system is totally controllable. There
sentiment analysis
is used to interpret customers’ emotions.

Contact centers' approach with operators and how the customer experience changes with artificial intelligence

Operator-run contact centers have
higher costs
than those managed with artificial intelligence, as well as having a
limited scalability
and an inferior ability to handle traffic peaks. Human errors may occur in the procedural steps, and in some cases inadequate answers may be given due to cognitive differences that arose during the training phase.

Contact centers based on artificial intelligence
do not guarantee empathy
especially when a request can be resolved, and this is often a key factor in not generating too much customer dissatisfaction.
AI models need to be constantly trained
, so as to improve the ability to provide increasingly accurate answers. However, there also emerges a
ethical aspect
, because some companies may decrease the number of their employees, with a huge social impact.

The future of customer experience: the new frontiers of AI


integrated human and machine customer experience

is the key to being able to offer functional and successful customer service in the coming years, and that is what INGO is building by creating the best human-machine integrations.

Insiders will be tasked with developing a certain critical sense, including questioning the answers received from artificial intelligence systems and delving into the news through the most trusted sources.

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Thanks to multichannel and its own technological innovations, INGO is able to build specific projects for each company, following the process from the initial analysis phase to the implementation of integrated, scalable and modular omnichannel strategies. For more than 20 years, Made in Italy has been serving the customer experience.

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