Phonetica and the Customer management contact center BPO
AI & Machine learning, Omnichannel Approach

Phonetica and the Customer management contact center BPO

A BPO today is not just simple telephone assistance: with tools such as technological innovation and omnichannel it is now possible to provide a customer experience on various levels, optimizing the resources involved.
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An innovative model of customer management contact center BPO

In the common imagination, the customer management of a BPO contact center is often linked to the world of telephone assistance, to large investments in terms of resources and to a mostly standardized service, dictated above all by automatic processes, which are repeated identical. Today, however, a contact center can be much more. Thanks to technological innovation and omnichannel , in fact, it is possible to provide the customer with different levels of service: from consultancy, to the realization of a project, up to the management of the customer experience, guaranteeing an optimization of the resources used.

  • People intensive contact center VS taylor made project

Most people associate the image of the assistant with the phone, with headset and microphone, in the contact center. With the evolution of technology, the multi-channel approach, but above all, the study of the customer and the construction of an agreed work plan, today, however, a much higher level of customer journey can be provided, without a disproportionate increase in investments. .

All companies, even those with smaller dimensions, but often with highly complex management processes, have in recent years understood the importance of guaranteeing quality customer assistance, to build loyalty but also to maintain their own Brand Reliability.
The people intensive model is gradually failing in favor of targeted choices, thanks to customized solutions, built with tailor-made models.

An approach is therefore outlined that provides for a modular customer care project , which can also start from low call volumes, and on which changes are possible that can be made easily and easily, due to the extent of the investment and the resources used, if necessary.

The use of AI and knowledge management

As reported in a Whitepaper of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano , today the real challenge, in the world of customer management of a BPO contact center, is the ability to balance AI and human experience , to create the right mix between an increasingly qualified staff and digital tools.

The average user expects an immediate and personalized interaction with the customer service of a brand: the inbound BPO is no longer the passive receiver of a request, but the proactive protagonist of the resolution of a need, able to solve the needs of the interlocutor through every available channel, not just the telephone one.

Artificial intelligence and knowledge management strategies become essential tools for the improvement of human interaction, which must not be reduced, but must exploit these means to create the best possible experience for the customer and his needs. Having synchronized databases and contents, allowing you to obtain the information necessary to solve a problem in a short time, organizing and making available to operators an agile and effective consultation.

The use of AI and knowledge management

Phonetica and customer loyalty

The inbound service model proposed by Phonetica, is the union of a technological soul, borrowed from the parent company INGO, and a desire to make a project as tailor-made as possible: from consultancy to the development of the initial idea supported by a project manager, up to proprietary technologies and monitoring results that will allow the daily management of the brand’s customer experience.

Our structure allows us to intercept the needs of companies that do not necessarily have a critical mass of calls, or that still have no way of verifying the extent of requests from users, and from here we start with the design of a service. , designed specifically for the market and target customers.

In fact, among the many advantages of choosing a reality like that of Phonetica , there is precisely that of modularity and scalability, in addition to the guarantee of quality of assistance, verticality, one-to-one training, and the use of innovative technologies. such as AI and knwoledge management. Direct contact with the internal team of each client company allows us to develop, modify, customize, analyze the results and respond to all the needs that may arise “in progress”.

  • Not just contact centers

Innovation, consultancy, design, technology and advanced monitoring of activities with customized dashboards are the cornerstones that allow us to intercept activities that are not interesting or too complex to implement for other inbound contact centers.

The modality of the consultancy and implementation processes of Phonetica projects made it convenient for us to stay in Italy, with a choice perhaps against the current, but necessary for the construction of a loyalty path of our customers, who with us have the possibility to grow, to have pay per use and multiskill services, regardless of the complexity of the request, whether it be starting from zero for the outsourcing of customer management or rethinking existing models and perhaps internalizing what was previously preferred to be managed by others.

Our proprietary technologies , such as Xcally , Witiop or Vidaoo , exploit the best of technological innovation and put it at the service of operators, to ensure a smooth, responsive and responsive customer journey for every user request.

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