Virtual secretary: the scalable solution that helps corporate business
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Virtual secretary: the scalable solution that helps corporate business

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Virtual secretariat: the beneficial support for companies and enterprises

virtual secretariat is a service that supports companies, businesses and freelancers.
Digital assistants perform a variety of tasks that would normally be handled by an office secretary. This solution is ideal for those who do not have the possibility of using a professional figure assigned to this activity, but who at the same time wish to equip themselves with a functionality that is able to Triage calls, handle first contact with customers, take charge of administrative paperwork.

Especially, virtual voicemail has the advantage of being on call at any time of the day and throughout the week, not just during classic office hours. It is for all intents and purposes a solution that is scalable, customizable, can adapt to any need, and provides cost savings, helping corporate business. This solution ensures smart management of multiple tasks.

Use of technology facilitates remote contact between company and consumer, also reshaping the traditional concept of secretariat. There are many types of virtual voicemail, ranging from classic voicemail to videoreception, through chat interaction to artificial intelligence, which is the latest frontier in this field and is capable of providing increasingly realistic interaction with the end user.

What are the reasons for choosing a virtual secretary?

Scalability is one of the great advantages provided by the virtual secretary’s office. The ways in which this service is delivered can be tailored to one’s needs. The availability is greater than with more traditional solutions and is therefore a major improvement for business and work qualities.

An external remote or virtual secretarial service allows you to improve the perception of your reality to the outside world. A proactive and permanent telephone response with no time limits, the ability to take note of requests and names, and the guarantee of having a useful and always attentive filter represent excellent reasons for relying on a virtual answering machine.

What are the functions performed by a virtual secretary? How it works

  • Managing and transferring calls and appointment making.
  • Direct relationship with customers.
  • First level data entry.
  • Management of small accounts.

The virtual secretary will operate by staying in touch with the relevant figure in the company through SMS, email, notifications. In this way, agendas will remain up-to-date and he will always be at the forefront of business management.

What are the functions performed by a virtual secretary? How it works

The virtual answering service offered by Phonetica

Phonetica, BPO Provider of INGO Group, has been embracing digital transformation for more than 20 years, adopting a modern omnichannel approach which involves the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Many companies have relied on Phonetica’s services, accepting the challenge and preferring modes such as kiosks and video receptionists instead of a physical switchboard or on-site secretary.

Artificial intelligence makes some operations faster and easier. For example. Omnichannel allows a remote secretary to access different tools simultaneously, being able to keep control over multiple activities efficiently. Artificial intelligence allows some functions to be handled in the first instance by chatbots or auto responders, so that the operator can focus on activities that require human input and are less mechanical and automatable.

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Phonetica, thanks to the multichannel and technological innovations implemented by INGO Group, is able to build specific projects for each company, following the process from the initial analysis phase to the implementation of integrated, scalable and modular omnichannel strategies. For more than 20 years, Made in Italy has been serving the customer experience.

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