Finalize contracts online with digital signature
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Finalize contracts online with digital signature

The same functionality as a handwritten signature, but digital? With INGO, the digital signature solution is at your fingertips, with all the security of an encrypted system and the contractual obligation of a paper document.
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The Web Sales approach allows you to build a end-to-end sales process on digital channels , but in sectors where the stipulation of a contract is required, it is necessary to have a system to guarantee the authenticity, integrity and origin of the electronic document and the identity of the two contractors in order to manage everything remotely.

The digital signature performs the same functions as the autographed one , that is, it allows to contractually bind the parties involved by identifying them unequivocally thanks to a system of correlated cryptographic keys: a private key to generate the digital signature, a public key to verify its authenticity and trace it back to the identity of the signatory.

INGO Digital provides an easy and secure digital signature system that allows you to sign contracts on all online channels in compliance with the European regulation eIDAS (electronic Identifcation, Authentication and trust Services): thanks to the cloud platform Namirial (Trust Service provider), all digital documents are managed in a protected environment, guaranteeing the inalterability of the stipulated contract.

1: Creation of the signature mechanism

The contract is uploaded to the platform and the practice is started:

  • By creating the set of keys;
  • By defining the authentication mechanism, which can be done via PIN code, One Time Password (OTP) or Windows Live Authentication;
  • By adding the fields in which the end customer’s data will be entered (signature, text, attachments).

2: Sending the contract

The contract is presented to the signatory through a link sent by e-mail , which connects to a page protected by the authentication mechanism established in the previous step: the end customer will just need to enter his credentials to access and view the document, sure of the authenticity of both of the contract and of the sender.

As an additional security measure , the practices remain active for a limited time and the INGO Digital team will solicit the signatory if necessary.

3: Authentication and subscription

The end customer affixes his digital signature, using the encrypted key in his possession; at this point a click is enough to:

  • Create an Audit Trail / Log digital certificate;
  • Finalize the contract;
  • Get a downloadable copy;
  • Return the document to the sender.

The platform will proceed to receive and archive the signed contract, keeping it in a secure digital environment.

Depending on the security needs, INGO Digital offers different digital signature systems:

  1. Simple Electronic Signature (FES): includes Click to Sign, Type to Sign, Draw to Sign systems and allows you to automatically enter all the information related to the signer (name, e-mail, IP address, timestamp) when the signature is placed in the field appropriate;
  2. Advanced Electronic Signature (FEA): uses Strong Authentication through OTP via SMS and the acquisition of biometric data;
  3. Qualified Electronic Signature (FEQ): the signature is acquired via a remote or Disposable digital certificate or uploaded to a SmartCard / USB Token.

The digital signature offered to support the Web Sales process allows you to manage each phase of the sale in real time and remotely on all channels, ensuring maximum security and at the same time extreme simplicity for the end customer.

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