For every need,
one or more dedicated solutions
for your company

A circular system of products and services
to meet your needs and those of your customers

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Customer management
effective for your business,
an extraordinary experience
for your customers.


INGO has all the solutions needed to provide a seamless and efficient customer experience: from initial contact management to the definition of the strategic touch points, through to customer support, satisfaction and retention.



A complete set of services to meet the continuous evolution of your customers needs.

Services to improve customer retention

Customer Service & Social Customer Care

Help Desk

Customer  Satisfaction

Inbound &    Outbound Activities

The most sophisticated tools for customer base and customer experience management

Knowledge Management & Omnichannel Platform

Chat e Video Chat

IoT Services & Data Center Management

Video Communication Platform

Solutions for the improvement of sales performance

Lead Generation

Digital Sales Generation

The skills to develop your team and your business

Training & Consulting

Digital Sharing Platform

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