Video call as a new communication channel in sales
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Video call as a new communication channel in sales

In an everyday life made up of video calls, video conferences and video chats, taking full advantage of a communication channel like this in a sales funnel is an opportunity not to be missed.
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Video calls have become reality and everyday life.
If until a few months ago they were considered a mode of interaction to be used only in case of absolute impossibility of a physical meeting, today they represent normality.

Like video calls, any form of video , whatever its purpose (entertainment, information, sales, assistance), is taking on an increasingly important role in our lives, both in the relationship between people and between brands and customers.

Just think that mobile Google searches, while consumers are physically in a physical store, have grown by 15% in recent years . Or that the phenomenon of “social shopping” , or the act of sharing products in the store in real time via video, is a very widespread behavior.

Or again, that the “new generation” of users over 60 is increasingly digital and accustomed to new video communication systems.

The digitization of the communication process

Nowadays, the digitalization of communication processes is bringing about great changes in the rules of customer-company engagement, in the methods (contents and tools) and timing, up to a measurement in micro-seconds.

In this context, creating online experiences that simulate offline ones and vice versa is a goal of many. Companies find themselves unable to distinguish which impacts digital activities will have on “physical or in-store” behaviors and which ones offline will have in the digital world.

Communication and experiences are digital, interactive and demanding.
Consumers are able to change channels, share the level of satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) in seconds and understand the truthfulness of brand communication in a continuous and multichannel process .

  • Improve sales through video marketing

Within this scenario, integrating a video marketing strategy becomes essential to generate valuable content capable of entertaining, informing and “converting” your target.

In fact, as numerous reports show, videos are highly appreciated content, capable of improving and orienting business objectives: according to the Wyzowl research “The State Of Video Marketing”, 81% of the marketing departments interviewed stated that the video as a content marketing tool has been indispensable for lead generation.
Cisco had confirmed, even before the pandemic, that in 2020 more than 80% of mobile traffic would be generated by video. Let’s imagine how this data transformed during the exponential use of mobile devices during the Covid-19 period.
And again, Animoto declares that 65% of users , before making a purchase, view at least one video to inquire about features, price, features, advantages and disadvantages.

Whether they are videos to strengthen brand awareness, to consolidate the reputation of the brand or target-oriented videos, i.e. made to respond specifically to the questions of the audience, it is now well established that they represent essential content to enhance the sales results of any reality. business and in any market sector.

  • The video call as an evolution of customer service

One-to-many video marketing, as we have seen, is an excellent tool for increasing sales performance, but it is not the only one.

In fact, the video call, applied in the Brand-Consumer relationship , represents an evolution of extraordinary opportunities for the sale and assistance of products and services.
L’integration of a video call service available to the customer allows the interaction between “user” and an “operator” as if both parties were present in the same place: a new communication model that re-designs the communication and sales logic of any good or service, from the simplest to the most complex.

The immediacy, frankness and naturalness peculiar to the physical human relationship are faithfully “reproduced” in the interaction of a video call: the difference is that the customer can contact a sales consultant wherever he is, both “in store” than elsewhere.

We are talking about a true face to face interaction without moving that can be applied to infinite contexts and situations.

The advantages of face-to-face video communication through video touch points

Selling is not the only process that a video technology can offer, the areas of application are many: from booking, to sharing and exchanging documents, to consultancy, up to the complete provision of services. But let’s see better what are the advantages and possibilities offered by this technology to improve the user experience and customer satisfaction .

  • The pros of video technology for your business

Efficiency and optimization : process optimization and customer satisfaction are ensured. Human interaction in real time allows a high degree of customer satisfaction who has the opportunity to enjoy the same experience he would have in a physical place.
Maximization of staff, with a single operator / consultant it is possible to manage multiple customers and offices that are distant from each other;

Accessibility : physical presence is no longer a problem and the “barriers” of use are almost non-existent. Each user has the possibility to access a video service in a simple and natural way. Support and service are potentially extended 24/7 from anywhere.

Innovation and omnichannel : real-time video interaction makes it possible to offer a fast and innovative digital experience.

Let’s think of a shop, a bank or the acceptance of a hospital.
Video touch points are an excellent solution to support sales and interact with customers who require immediate and resolute assistance.

The advantages of face-to-face video communication through video touch points