Virtual Secretariat services for a new approach to business
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Virtual Secretariat services for a new approach to business

In a world increasingly projected towards Smartworking and the use of technologies that allow remote contact, even the concept of the traditional secretary is changing, giving way to hybrid and innovative methods that allow smart management of all tasks that seemed necessarily intended only for a certain type of worker.
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What is a virtual secretariat

When we talk about virtual secretariat , we mean a service in which the management of practices normally entrusted to an office secretary are performed externally by the so-called digital assistants or virtual assistant .

It is a’activity that goes to support freelancers, small businesses or companies, companies in the craft sector or commercial agents, who for various reasons do not have the possibility or the will to have an internal employee assigned to the secretarial activity, but they still want to have a service that dispatches calls , manages a first contact with customers , take care of the simplest administrative procedures e is available not only during the classic office hours.

What types of virtual answering services exist

A digital assistant is a viable alternative to the more traditional concept of a company secretariat, involving the use of professionals capable of carrying out tasks of varying complexity in different areas. Obviously, not all customers require the same type of service, and therefore there are various types of virtual secretary, from the classic secretariat, to videoreception, from interaction via chat or even through Artificial Intelligence.

What a virtual secretary service can do

As mentioned, the tasks for which a virtual secretariat can fully replace a traditional secretariat management are many.
The most classic are the management and transfer of calls and the making of appointments of a professional, but also the direct relationship with customers is one of the most important tasks.

There are those who need first-level data entry , or the management of small accounting.

All this while remaining in contact with the employer, throughtext messages, emails, notifications that will allow you to keep your diaries up to date and be at the forefront of business management.

What types of virtual answering services exist

Why choose virtual secretaries

Deciding to rely on an external remote or virtual secretarial service is an easy way to improve your perception of your business outside .
Proactive telephone response, taking note of requests and names, a useful and always attentive filter for a series of activities that often a professional firm or a small business does not have time or resources to dedicate.

The scalability and the possibility of adapting the ways in which this service is provided to your needs , as well as the greater availability, make everything even more useful for improving the business and the quality of work.

In order to be able to devote time to high-value activities, it was important for me to spend less time on low-value activities. This is why I not only hired a virtual assistant 5 years ago, but because I co-founded a company, Work Better Now, to provide virtual assistants to other entrepreneurs.
Rob Levin, President of Work Better Now

Is artificial intelligence the future of virtual answering machines?

AI is taking over our daily lives with ever more impressive speed, and we are not fully aware of it yet.
It is therefore more than logical to ask ourselves whether the secretariat model as we know it today will soon be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Many businesses or small and medium-sized companies have already accepted the challenge and chosen not to have a physical receptionist or a secretary on site, preferring instead methods such as kiosk and video receptionist .

What AI is certainly doing today is to make some operations simpler, faster and more performing , in synergistic management with the human being.
Through omnichannel , even a remote secretary can access different tools at the same time, keeping activities under control in an efficient and timely manner. With chatbots or automatic responders , some functions are first managed by the Artificial Intelligence, so as to allow the operator to devote himself to more useful activities.


Phonetica and virtual secretarial services

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