Paderno Dugnano (Mi), 03-24-2022 Subject: Integrated management system policy. The INGO group has joined a program of continuous improvement of its organization in order to qualify among the best companies in the sectors in which it operates; reorganizing its structure to ensure services of proven reliability, also in consideration of the acquired specializations and of the always greater demands imposed by the market. With this in mind, the thinking of the General Management can be summarized as follows: Customer satisfaction is the principle with which we operate and from which we do not want to derogate. The quality of the services provided, as we understand it, is the understanding and timely fulfillment of customer needs. Customer requests and implicit needs such as competence, precision, speed, convenience, integrity, security of the data received, processed and transmitted, must not only be fulfilled, but also ensured in relation to our services provided. For this reason, the parent company Ingo SpA and the subsidiaries Phonetica Srl and Xenialab Srl have adopted a certified quality management system in alignment with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001. Ingo SpA has also implemented a data and information security management system certified with respect to the international standard ISO-IEC27001. The integrated management system is a fundamental tool for guaranteeing the future growth of our activities and to maintain and, where possible, improve our competitiveness in the market in which we operate. The following addresses will be our continuous reference to guide us towards the full satisfaction of Customer and all those who work in the company: ✓ satisfaction of the security requirements of corporate assets in particular, the commitment is aimed at: • protect the confidentiality of information by ensuring that it is accessible only to individuals authorized; • protect the integrity of information by protecting its completeness and methods for its processing; • protect the availability of information: ensuring that only authorized users can effectively access the information and related assets when they request it; ✓ satisfaction of the applicable laws and contractual requirements; ✓ continuous improvement of the quality and safety of the services provided, with particular attention to aspects related to the protection of paper / telematic data management;   ✓ constant verification of working methods and company operating procedures, with particular regard to dictates regarding the security of data and information managed; ✓ verification of the effectiveness of the security procedures implemented (management of physical access, business continuity, backup, etc.); ✓ clear and continuous dialogue with all customers and suppliers; ✓ growth of the professionalism of each collaborator, also for aspects relating to the safety of information systems and aspects on the protection of the information processed; ✓ systematic analysis of the results to correct any anomalies; ✓ continuous improvement of the integrated management system by responding to the opportunities that the market can offer the organization. Our commitment will be aimed at ensuring that this choice is understood and shared by all collaborators, actively working to overcome any application problems. All professional figures must work to achieve the objectives. The application of the integrated management system therefore requires full participation, commitment and effective interaction of all staff in the organization. The continuous growth of the service level will be pursued through the regular review of the same, aimed at monitoring of pre-established objectives and recognition of any areas for improvement. The Management is committed to implementing, supporting and periodically verifying the above Policy, a disclose it to all those who work for the company or on its behalf. On the occasion of each Management Review, the objectives and the Integrated Management System Policy are re-examined to ascertain their continued suitability. This document, a summary of the Management's thinking, is public and available for consultation by part of all interested parties. The General Management Marco Durante