Customer management and rising bills: companies' systemic approach to the energy crisis
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Customer management and rising bills: companies' systemic approach to the energy crisis

Customer management and rising bills: how companies are managing the customer base and user discontent caused by rising electricity and gas rates. INGO Education offers training courses on how to handle customer dissatisfaction, aimed at companies operating in the energy sector.
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Contact center, user discontent and INGO Education's training model

I Contact center of energy companies Are going through a particularly difficult period. The consistent rise in the price of raw materials has led to a significant increase of electricity and gas bills, and customers are therefore getting turning to their operators’ customer care to voice their discontent.

Operators receive in fact one considerable series of calls aside of customers angry for price increases and it is expected that the coming months will be very intense. Por many hours a day call centers will have to interact with customers who will ask for clarification, with likely over-the-top tones and manner.

Companies can support i their customers by proposing virtuous behaviors in order to contain the effects of the crisis and counteract its costs. In parallel, it will be important to structure one’s agents/operators’ approach to customers through behavioral codes.

INGO Education has developed a consulting and training model to accompany companies in this difficult market phase.
In the consulting-training project, behavioral and content models will be developed with the client, based on the daily experience of operators, and the following will be defined
operational best practices

Why is it important to invest in the interpersonal skills of one's practitioners?

The goal is to
Support operators at a particularly stressful time from an empathic/emotional point of view
. The company must be able to convey a message of reassurance to its employees by making understanding that they are not alone and offering them an educational intervention. The intent is to preserve the professionalism of the operators and simultaneously improving interaction with customers, trying to curb complaints by offering an
of customer care.

Operators will deal with clients who are particularly angry about the conspicuous bill increases. Thus, agents will have the task of giving their callers the technical and administrative information that is functional for correct bill reading. To prevent conflict it will be necessary to empathize with the dissatisfied customer avoiding that the conversation is brought to aspects related to the customer’s perception/emotion, but remains on objective and informative information.

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