Automated availability: the contact center in action 24 hours a day
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Automated availability: the contact center in action 24 hours a day

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Automated availability: the ideal support for permanent assistance

Companies may need to
Make a 24-hour contact center service available to their customers
. Fulfilling this scenario only with human operators proves particularly complicated and costly, but one can Make the most of advanced IVRs for automated on-call management. These systems are intended to create a single SPOC point of contact to be provided to customers and which, without the use of physical agents, allows on-call technicians to be contacted based on a shared database.

This solution is
ideal for those entities operating in sectors where permanent support must be guaranteed
. Think of elevator interventions or car rescue, which require the working availability of some technicians at any time of the day or night:
a client who needs support calls the contact center, which routes the call directly to the professional on call
at that time.

Customers are identified by a code, thanks to which the system is able to correctly identify the customer and the callers the system needs to contact. Automation processes are highly functional because they have the ability to carry out a
high number of contact cycles and thus allow human escalation to be defined
in the event of setting errors or effective failure of all exhibits.

How do automated on-call systems work?

A customer calls the contact center. An automatic selection of the reason for contact by the user is made, and the code required to make automatic identification of the customer is entered. Technicians available within a database are searched and contacts to “in-service” professionals are initiated.

This is done until the user’s request is taken care of. Each customer is assigned a closed and defined number of technicians; it is the database that recognizes the connection at the initial stage of the call. At that point the user gets in touch directly with the professional on call. You can also process the data for the reporting system.

Automated availability: the benefits for companies

The creation of a single point of contact is one of the most obvious advantages of automated on-call management systems, because it prevents a customer from calling a particular technician without adhering to the company’s stipulations. Everything is managed in a centralized and controlled manner, they ensure escalation to one of the referring technicians for a particular customer.

The entire process is mapped end-to-end, so it can also be analyzed later and evaluated for statistical purposes. The economic saving for the company is significant because it does not require continuous human manning in customer service, call escalation is done without human error, and all interventions are actually recorded centrally without being dispersed.

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