Customer experience: omnichannel, business intelligence, chatbots, and loyalty. Trends of 2023
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Customer experience: omnichannel, business intelligence, chatbots, and loyalty. Trends of 2023

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Customer experience: the importance for consumers and businesses. Some statistical data

84% of people believe the customer experience is as important as the product Or the service a company offers. The figure found by Salesforce is emblematic and expresses the great importance held by the overall experience customers have during their relationship with the company. This is not a unilaterally perceived feeling, since
81 percent of businesses
, as reported by Dimension Data,
think customer experience is a competitive differentiator.

This means that every business must focus on its CX strategy if it wants to stand out from the crowd and make inroads with people: having a quality product or offering an absolutely valuable service is no longer enough, because if the consumer experience does not live up to expectations then the consumer may well decide to rely on a competitor.

Companies have now recognized the

importance of customer experience in reducing the number of so-called “churn”

(customer churn”) and keeping track of current CX trends helps brands keep up with evolving customer expectations, gaining a competitive advantage. This strategy helps improve customer satisfaction by increasing retention and the likelihood of receiving positive reviews.

According to G2, in fact,
92% of buyers in B2B are more likely to buy from a brand after reading a credible review
. This is precisely why it is necessary to design a positive customer experience, based precisely on the latest trends, in order to achieve the satisfaction that brands themselves seek on a daily basis. As many as 42 percent of respondents, according to a PWC study, said they would pay more to have a pleasant and welcoming experience.

Multichannel increases purchase frequency by 250%: the importance of omnichannel

An interesting study by Khoros found that. 62 percent of customers want the ability to interact with companies on multiple digital platforms. This is a high-impact figure for brands, which need to be available on the channels of greatest consumer liking and should not expect the consumer to change the communication tool.

has been a trend for quite some time, but it is just in the last period that the

omnichannel has been gaining traction

. This type of approach allows for a cohesive brand experience that is ideal for customer interactions that span social, e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp and other tools.

Currently, customers can start a conversation on one channel and choose to continue it on another, but with omnichannel solutions, companies can optimize communication and ensure that all departments have consolidated data about the consumer, who will then have the opportunity to have an ongoing, repeat-free dialogue.

Omnisend research has recorded aa
250% higher purchase frequency with the use of omnichannel
Than using a single channel. In fact, an omnichannel environment enables the creation of trust and fosters long-term relationships that lead to repeat purchases, positive reviews and customer satisfaction.

Business intelligence, data analytics and chatbots: how to improve customer experience and ensure personalization

An essential role in the customer experience of 2023 will be played by the
data analytics
and this is where the
business intelligence
, that is, the ability to collect accurate data and derive useful insights for making individual decisions. Using omnichannel platforms allows data to be collected from multiple channels and provide consolidated numbers to marketers and salespeople that are useful for improving customer engagement.

Artificial intelligence and chatbots have been growing rapidly in 2022 and the trend is upward for 2023. According to a report by Business Insider, the’80 percent of companies plan to use these tools, so as to reduce work overload for operators and provide hourly customer service. New AI technologies are able to detect user intent, analyze data, and offer responses in real time, increasingly similar to what a human would do.

Chatbots enable companies to streamline processes and maximize performance, while also improving profits. This solution, however, should not stop companies from providing an increasingly personalized customer experience: customers should no longer be divided into groups and pathways should not be created for “buyer personas” categories, but it is important to build tailored journeys that meet specific needs, preferences and expectations. Providing
you will be more likely to lead a consumer to purchase: addressing the customer by name, suggesting gifts, recommending accessories for a recently purchased product are extremely valuable strategies.

Loyalty, proactive communication and predictive analytics: supporting customer experience and customer desires

75% of customers prefer a brand that has a loyalty program, as PR News Wire points out. Therefore, it turns out to be crucial to work for a
Meaningful customer involvement.
, so as to secure membership and consequently a lasting bond over time, resulting in increased revenues.

Another trend in 2023 will be the

proactive communication

, that is, regularly providing information and anticipating customers’ needs. Basically, it’s about making the first move instead of waiting for the consumer. By informing the client at every stage of the process, you will enter the client’s sphere of desires, thus leading to a
or a
cross sell
. The ideal is to design interactive customer journeys.

Companies will also need to be adept at leveraging the

predictive analytics

, or making predictions on current or historical data to ensure that marketing and customer experience strategies are always in tune with what customers want most. These forecasts also help target high-intensity leads by scheduling sales messages when the lead is most likely to convert.

Improve your company's customer experience

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