The challenges of the automotive sector: how to overcome them by renewing the customer experience
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The challenges of the automotive sector: how to overcome them by renewing the customer experience

Being able to renew oneself, in a competitive sector such as the automotive sector, is a fundamental process to be able to overcome today's market challenges and offer oneself to the customer in an innovative way.
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The automotive sector has always been, on the one hand, a sector particularly subject to the personal tastes of the buyer, on the other hand conditioned by factors such as safety, style, options, consumption, costs and financing that influence the purchase decision.

The mix of these different parameters and needs creates a complex and difficult to predict decision making process, to which is added a multiplicity of fragmented channels on which the process is developed.

In this context, being able to build customer loyalty and enhance new business opportunities, even outside one’s own dealership, represents a real competitive advantage.
For this reason, being able to combine technology and services to extend the range of action of the BDC is crucial.

Let's start with the construction of a Customer Experience

According to data from Auto Summit 2018 (study conducted by Gfk and Facebook), 97% of buyers start to get information on the internet and often (in 39% of cases, according to the Car Buyer 2019 research) they have already chosen the model even before talk to a salesperson.

In this scenario, a change of perspective is needed for dealers and for exhibitors in shopping centers, to create added value that puts them back at the center of the purchasing process.

The solution is to shift the focus from the product to the experience, transforming the physical contact points from a service provider perspective and building a Brand Experience: the activation of the right touch point can become the starting point of a controlled and greater process. value.

Let's start with the construction of a Customer Experience

Managing complexity… A difficult job

Let’s take the case of exhibitors in shopping centers.

In the more crowded ones, there is an influx of thousands of visitors a day. A complex situation to manage, considering that often the assigned staff cannot physically keep up with the potential demand.

In some cases, the exhibitors are manned by staff (hostesses) who do not have technical training capable of responding to the needs of potential buyers.

So let’s imagine how many opportunities are lost and how much the perception of the brand is lowered if the prospect is not managed “properly”.

The video kiosk as a tool for process optimization

An ideal solution to improve the Customer Experience in the automotive sector is represented by video kiosks : an innovative solution that offers the public a privileged channel to get in touch with the brand and the company to manage leads more efficiently and effectively.

Let’s see how.

  • Reception: through the 23-inch touch screen monitor, the HD webcam and the audio speakers, the professional (which can be the staff of the dealership or specialized outsourcing operators) welcomes and identifies the potential customer;
  • There is no need for on-site supervision: the remote control of the service allows staff to respond to customer requests directly from the dealership and only when further information is requested;
  • Data collection: the video kiosk allows you to collect profiled data in full respect of the user’s privacy, in this way you can obtain valuable information on prospects to make a strategy in the sales funnel;
  • Process optimization and cost reduction: with the video kiosk the whole process is rationalized so that the customer can always have highly specialized personnel at his side even in shopping centers, without neglecting the supervision of the dealerships;
  • Extraordinary Customer Experience: proposing a smart tool offers the customer a unique experience, which makes the company memorable and distinct from its competitors.

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